Saturday, June 11, 2011


Our research trip had to be postponed due to unexpected circumstances, but we have rescheduled the trip for early September.  This will also give us time to put on a fundraising event which we're planning for August.  We will post more about this as plans are solidified.

In addition, we are working to secure fiscal sponsorship and grants for the project.  Meanwhile, we'll continue our efforts in grassroots fundraising.

The film is an experimental documentary in which Father Maxim's story will be juxtaposed with that of a pilgrim leaving the city in search of solitude.  The pilgrim will not be shown, but it will be the viewer that will experience the gradual rejection of the material world.  The city and all its distractions will melt into the landscape and the pilgrim will happen upon and then finally ascend the pillar.  

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